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Website Optimisation

Written by Urszula.

Website Search Engine Optimisation

Website optimisation covers all work to make sure your site is search engine friendly: including optimising your title and meta description tags, your H1, H2 tags, developing and implementing an internal linking strategy, website structure and reducing your code to the bare minimum using external CSS files where it is possible, reworking the remaining code so it validates... and on.

Our optimisation service consists of three stages:

  • Optimisation
  • Submission
  • Reporting

 Help in SEO and marketing can elevate your business into continuing profit. We can handle all of your internet marketing or just seo. You focus your time on what you do best - running your business.

We understand that many businesses can be confused about SEO. Let us put it simple Search Engine Optimisation is essential for your business!  Without SEO, your website will not achieve visibility needed to allow your target market to locate you.

The starting point would be to get two essential reports

SEO Audit Report

Get an affordable SEO Audit Report ($149) for your website and find out exactly how you can improve your Search Engine Performance. Then you can either make the changes yourself or employ us to do it for you.
Your website will be analysed to see how well optimised each page is for Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We will analyse your websites Search Engine Visibility, Meta Tags, Content, Links, Images, Semantics, etc, whilst following Google Webmaster Guidelines. We will identify issues and provide you with the details to resolve them.


Keyword Research Report

Keyword Research Analysis is one of the most important tasks to be carried out on your website. Ranking for the “right” keywords/phrases can make or break your website. The right keywords are the keywords/phrases that have a low competition but a high search volume on Google.

It’s not just about getting visitors to your website. It’s all about getting the right kind of visitors to your website. For only $150.00 we will research 5 Keywords/Phrases

  • Optimisation
  • Submission
  • Reporting

This includes analysis and optimisation. We will conduct analysis of your website and your business needs.

Then we will optimise the web pages you have selected from within your website.

This process involves analysing the existing pages and creating meta tags, alt tags, titles, internal linking, meta description. When this is done we can optimise your website by inserting the newly created custom tags into the web pages identified for optimisation.

Once the web pages are successfully analysed and optimised, the next step is to submit your site to search engines as well as performing a directory submission and linking to forums, news and so on. At this stage we also re-index your website on search engines such as Google. We make sure site is included in xml site maps.

If page needs to be redirected we also preform redirection of url. For example, your old page was named 'small utilities' with this url:  and it was moved to new restructured menu with url then redirection is needed.

This includes a graphical website analytics report (also known as web stats report).

After the website is optimised and promoted to the search engines, information is gathered to obtain an idea about the way visitors of the website are using it.

This information will be put in your statistical analysis report (monthly stats). From this report you can see where your website stands in search engine rankings.

By studying the report objectively, you will get a clear picture about the performance of your website each month. You'll also be able to identify your weaknesses while building on your strong points. Based on reporting and performance future action can be easy determined for next month optimisation.

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