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Thank you for selecting Basic Newsletter Package - Customer Relationship

What you will receive?

1. Four templates created per annum: Main image, Content, Links to Social Media and website, Unsubscription Page and link in Newsletter.

2. Monthly automation set up for birthdays - send and monitor.

3. Managing subscriptions - if someone unsubscribe will never receive an email from you

4. Spam Score testing before sending email

5. Monitor email while sending and bounces management

6. Half an hour monthly consultation

7. Newsletter footer or header with max  4 links to specific areas of the website to support SEO: For sale, Reviews, Contact Page, Recently sold, Market report - up to your decision.

8. Monthly report on sending Birthday wishes and/or House Anniversary messages

9. Reports on sending Easter or Christmas and New & Year wishes

10. Update the database of your subscribers monthly  - you need to send the list from a list of your past buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, creditors, debtors and associates.


1. A/C set-up and email configuration for sending the newsletter - for example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be redirected to the email of your choice

2. Email - security & you won't need to worry about ending up with your email getting bad reputation

3. Market segmentation - past buyers - for the anniversary - to receive an email once only after 1 year, plus everyone else for birthdays and seasonal wishes.

4. Email confirmation when a person subscribes.

5. Thank you page for a subscription - with relevant links and information

6. Unsubscribe page with extra field - the reason for unsubscription - data collection

7. Goodbye page after user unsubscribes

8. If we are unable for some reason to insert the subscription form on your website we will create a landing page and image that can be placed on your website with a link to that landing page on our server.



1. Successfully sent emails and bounce rate

2. Opening rate

3. Click rate (on links included with the email)

4. Opening platforms ( devices, and open with )

5. Opening dates and time

6. Unsubscribers list if any

7. New subscribers list if any (via forms)