What to expect?

Once the deposit is paid for your site, we start the work. 

With all information provided to us, we can create a website and test within 2-4 weeks (full set up) or can be ready within 2-7 working days for software set up only.

Monthly fees will be charged once the website is live online. Depending on your needs monthly package will be calculated and the exact specifications send to you.

Information that usually we ask for:

  • The domain name - do you want us to register or you prefer to register yourself and provide us with login details
  • The email and contact details (we can host your emails too - using Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite ask for this service)
  • Facebook and other social Media Links - the ones you want to place on your site
  • Facebook administrator access ( you can give us temporary access with our name) so we can create App for Facebook sharing buttons or OG data full Facebook Integration
  • Property (or properties) you want us to enter on your website max 6 - with images and description as well as prices and all features - link to upload images and information will be provided via Drop Box
  •  Your own content to pages - about you, services, success stories, blog articles, privacy policies etc
  • Any images you want us to use for the website: for example, awards, photos with clients, some stock images, or any artwork you have.
  • Reviews - from past clients max 10 we will enter them for you
  • Suburbs information from suburbs you are targeting ...
  • Thank you message for your contact page/email send
  • Video you have one for property or for your suburb entry

For Professional Bundle Package you will need more information to provide.  One of our Marketing Specialists will contact you to assist you.