One of the simplest ways to gain traffic and new clients or customers is properly optimised and set up your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

You probably already know the importance of Google My Business (GMB).

If you’re the only business in the area, you’re always going to show up first. However, if your business has a lot of competition in similar services or products, it can get quite frustrating to set up it properly.  Google My Business has gotten more complex over the years and chances are you will benefit from properly setting up your GMB. Let us help you.

When used correctly, Google My Business is a powerful tool that can increase your revenue and provide valuable insights about your clients or customers.

Despite the more than 5.25 billion searches in Australia per month performed on Google, the study showed that the typical Business Profile only averages  0.00000075% views.  Even worse, only 59 actions are taken from those 1,260 views. That’s less than 5%. Yet, at the same time, 64% of consumers have used GMB to find contact details for a local business.

The problem is not the Google My Business platform.  It is that too many businesses do not have time or skills to set up properly Google my business or run for clients.

Dum & Co offers Google My Business setup services to help you to set it up properly.

The information you provide is the most important thing. It’s often the client’s first contact with your business and most of time people are looking for basic information, such as your phone number, address/location or opening and closing hours.

Let Us Set Up Your Google My Business Listing!

Google My Business is crucial for your company’s success.  GMB has all of your company’s info and is often the first thing people see when they look up your business.

A basic set of GMB listings includes:

  1. Important business information
  2. NAP: Name, address and phone number
  3. Your logo and company-images
  4. Business description
  5. Services and products
  6. Areas serviced
  7. Reviews
  8. One hour consultation

 For basic set up we charge only $90 or

Basic Set up with Google Page (free Google webpage) $299

Premium Advanced SEO setup

  1.  Your business name, address and phone number
  2. SEO-optimised business description
  3. Optimised product and service information are written by professional SEO content writers
  4. Uploaded and optimised photos and logo
  5. Custom graphics and images for products and services
  6. GMB posting for 6 months, twice a month
    $500 one-time-only payment

 You can request also the management of your Reviews for you - an extra $20 per month.