How much do you charge for a small website?

I used to work with clients and the first question was:  how much a website would cost?  And unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Websites vary in terms of functionality or design.

Many people are not familiar with the web design industry and the pricing can appear very confusing hence we come up with a simple process:

  • select software and functionality
  • select design package
  • select other options that you might consider necessary to have

This step-by-step process can provide you with a ballpark figure of how much your website design project will cost you.  There are no hidden costs or false promises.

We are offering packages to choose from. Each package specifies exactly what is included. To accommodate your specific requirements that might not be included in packages we also allow you to select other options during the process of deciding what might be suitable for your business.

  1. Simple small business brochures online - business cards - HTML websites - ideal for small local business who does not need to sell online or be used to attract new prospects - view our packages: here
  2. Conversion-focused business sites:  these types of sites are a necessity for service-focused small to medium businesses. They are essential to attracting a steady flow of new prospects. To accommodate all requirements we selected a two-way process: Software and functionality Packages and Design packages. We also offering SEO packages as SEO is no longer just an option - it become mandatory for any business to remind competitive!

Some people base their decision to hire a website designer, solely on the estimates they received when they were web designer shopping. This is not the way to make your decision. When shopping for a designer, one needs to have an open mind and consider your goals and needs.

Consider the following:

  • Outline the aims of the website ( e.g. to increase traffic, increase services or product awareness)
  • Who is the target audience? What are the demographics (e.g. children, adults, social class, income levels, location, etc.)
  • What are the unique selling points for your company, your products or your services?
  • What industry are you aiming the website at?
  • Is the market already saturated with competitors?
  • List a few competitors’ websites.

In website design, there are many variables to consider too. In other words, prepare yourself to meet a designer.
There is a small difference. When you buy a house, your expectation of price changes when variable changes are obvious.

Yet, when you visit a developer to design your website when variables change, you want them to stick to their quote. Hence before we can tell you a price, we need to establish the scope of the project.