Custom CMS is a system that is custom developed according to the specifications you provide. So, it’s a tailor-made CMS meeting all your expectations. Of course, it’s possible to implement other functionalities in the future, if necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at this solution.

Pros of a custom CMS

The list of advantages includes;

  • No restrictions and flexibility – a web developer will make all of your wishes come true if they’re doable. The solutions employed on the website will certainly meet your expectations. Almost every functionality can be implemented within a certain time frame. Money and time are the only limits.
  • Increased security – the biggest disadvantage of popular CMS websites is that they’re an attractive target for hackers who know thousands of ways to steal valuable user data or intercept other important information. All they need is a discrepancy in the plug-in code, template, or the CMS itself. When information about the error appears on the web, millions of other websites in the world may already be affected by the virus. The risk is much lower when it comes to a custom CMS.  According to Sucuri, 95.62 % of the hacking in 2021 affected WordPress. Other popular free CMS was also ranked on subsequent positions. In 2021, SiteCheck detections found that 34.5% of websites infected with a credit card skimmer were running WordPress.cmsinfections

Cons of custom CMS

  • Project execution time – The process of creating a custom CMS will take much longer. Web developers will need to organise certain solutions from scratch which undoubtedly affects the execution time. In the case of more advanced projects, it may take even a few months to achieve the expected results or even years.
  • Higher costs –  Creating an advanced project from scratch may require a very large amount of money. So how much exactly will you need to pay? It’s hard to say. The agency or freelancers you choose also have an impact on the final price. (Average price of the software might range from $10,000 to $50,000++)
  • Risks – if you want a custom CMS, you should find an experienced and reputable agency. If you make the wrong choice, you may need to constantly struggle with subsequent errors found in the CMS. Running the site will be difficult, even though you have invested a lot of money in the system.
  • You cannot change developers - You’ll have to continue cooperating with the web developers who created your website every time you need to implement subsequent modifications
  • No inexpensive updates - Usually if you use Open Source CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) the components need to be updated based on licences from original developers. The cost is minimal. And you receive these on regular basis. In case of Custom CMS - it needs to be done by your developers.
  • No SEO - When developing custom CMS usually software developer focus on aesthetics and functionality only. This makes work on SEO very challenging