The creative power that goes way beyond templates

A custom website is built website on one of the CMS (including in-house CMS) without the use of third-party templates.

There are also a few limitations to consider when it comes to customised web design. Mainly, this route can be more complex and costly than ready-made templates found on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

 Pros of Custom-Made Websites

  • In general - Custom-built websites set you apart from competitors - Meaning – no two sites will ever look the same. 
  • Growth - Custom-built websites allow full scalability if you want to grow your business online.
  • Updates and Security - With custom-built websites, your developer will always make updates for you and secure them against hackers. And it makes it harder for hackers. It is much easier to hack one website with the same layout and replicate efforts than just going after one off-design.
  • Customisation - The tailor-made site reflects the company’s graphic charter and thus conveys the brand’s image.

Cons of Custom-Made Websites

Custom-made websites have some limitations and disadvantages  (that is when sites are designed from scratch) 

  • Design Cost - Pretty expensive, this is because of the complexity and time required to meet all browsers, devices requirements and functionality. The average price to create a completely customised web design can range anywhere from $15,000 and up. The business must plan a substantial budget, mainly including the expenses for the agency’s services and the intervention of the various specialists (*graphic designers, coders etc). In addition to the marketing study, design, and online launch of the site, the web development agency also invoices the services related to the management, maintenance, and hosting of the portal which is quite substantial if compared to management fees for basic websites.
  • Time to create - Custom designs take considerable time to create
  • Maintenance - The management, and maintenance to meet never-ending changes in the Internet environment can be quite expensive
  • SEO and Marketing - Every time you will need to do some adjustments to website structure or codes you would have to contact developers to make it possible.