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Quote for Website Design

Thank you for your interest in our Real Estate Solution.

We know the first thing you like to know is how much it is going to cost you.

We have compiled this form to let you have an online estimate and allow you to add anything else you might need.

Please note:  Content to the website needs to be provided.  

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You are interested in the Basic Software Package for $129 per month and the basic design package for $165 per month.  You will be able later to upgrade to Professional Bundle.

The Base set of $499 will be charged before the project starts. It is a one-time payment necessary to commence work. We included in the bundle all software necessary: CMS, Forms, Captcha, Maps, Property Management, Calendar, Unlimited posts for your blog or articles, Review software, Security and Backup system, hosting included and SSL. We also include monthly maintenance and updates to keep the site secure with all elements.

Please specify your position in the company
Please specify your position in the company

Now,  let's list what you have chosen and here you might also ad extra elements. 

Design Elements

If you don't want anything extra just select 'none'.

Anything extra selected will be added to calculate the full monthly price. You might select everything none. Then you receive what elements you are paying for in the design. So you will have a full quote for your order.

Animated creative banners: We create within the basic package on the front page the animated banner with three slides as per the example page. However, you might opt to have an extra banner on other pages. For example on the "About you" page. Each banner will have 3 slides with images created, links to appropriate pages and a short description. See also example 2 to see what is possible. We also can place custom-made banners with different images from the properties themselves. *(perfect for pages with properties sold or for sale)

Creative BannerView Example of creative animated banner with 3 slides

Creative BannerView Example of creative animated banner

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Simple Banner:  We also can create sub-pages simple banners, including video banners.  We can place any simple banner on various pages without extra cost.  The design package does not include any simple banners. You can place them on Suburb pages, Property for sale etc

Creative BannerView Video Banner Example

Creative BannerView Example of simple banner with 3 slides

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On how many pages do you want the individual banners to be created? ( we can place the same banner on many pages without extra costs) If you want different banners on different pages - then the additional costs apply.

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Pages to create: Now let's see how many pages you want us to create based on the content provided by you. We included in the basic design package 14 pages. You can view which pages here

We can create your blog post, news or market update pages. Depending on your needs. You have to decide how many you need. If you cannot decide now - you can always request an extra page later and you just pay the full amount instead of adding it to monthly payments. It is a good idea to prepare what you want if it comes to content and our consultant will advise you.

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Property Entries:  Now let's see how many properties you want us to enter into your website.  In Basic Design Package we included 6 entries of properties ( sold or for sale). However,  you might need more properties entered for you.  There also are videos to watch on our website that you will have access to watch.

All properties entered by us will include Open Graph meta tags  (snippets of code that control how URLs are displayed when shared on social media) so you can share custom on social media, and create future entries with similar codes.

PropertiesHome page properties 6 example

PropertiesLanding pages for properties by categories for example sold or for sale

PropertiesOpen Graph meta tags example - when shared on facebook. Note: there is a custom title and description.

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Modules: Now let's see how many modules you need on your website. We included on the home page in the basic package 3 bottom modules, 3 top modules and 3 side modules.  It is a good idea to put some modules also on various pages. For example, on about you - you can put a Call to action - asking for the contact you for appraisal. Once the module is created - it can be put on various pages without extra charge. Usually, we were asked to create 4 modules extra: Call to action, quote form, Home Open module, and Contact us module. These are helping not only ad to the visual presentation of your business (your real estate presence) but also - help with directing visitors to read more about you or take an action. Once the module is created for you it can without extra charge be placed on different pages.

Creative BannerExample of bottom modules - they can also be placed on different pages

Creative BannerReview Module

Website Design for Real EstateCustom module example

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Suburbs: We will configure your software for the area you are servicing when configuring software. We also advise clients to have the full set on your website about suburb information or even a review section to showcase your expertise and knowledge of your area. It will also help you to have better results on search engines. Service will include mini suburb pages in blog layout plus submenu creation for each suburb.

Creative BannerSuburbs Landing Page

Creative BannerSuburb Individual Page

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Custom Thank you email and page:  We are offering custom thank you email creation with links to your website as well as the message you want to convey to your visitors' enquiry. You want to stand out from the crowd. Having a great custom email and a thank you message will help you build relationships even before your meet your prospect. We also include a custom landing page after the form has been submitted with thank you for enquiry message. This includes the creation of images and custom coding HTML email and testing.

EmailView Example of custom email message

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Home open and calendar:  Every property has a home open calendar section. However, to make your life simpler we can include the installation of a full calendar component that can be used for home open with one single page that you will be able to share on Social Media. You also can use the calendar for local events - local hero concept - please ask one of our consultants about this marketing tactic.

custom calendarsView Example of Home open page with custom og meta to share on Facebook

Creative BannerView Example of Calendar

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Pop-up window:  There’s a reason you should use them—they work. The top 10 per cent performing pop-ups have a whopping 9.28 per cent conversion rate, according to experts' analysis. There are used for example to encourage users to contact you or sign up for free appraisal or read the important offers and so on.

Creative BannerView Example of pop-up window

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Extras:  There are many other elements that can be discussed with the consultant that you might need for effective marketing online. We offer a full range of know elements: galleries, XML site maps, before and after, video extensions, CTA, Pixel integration, automation and so much more

We recommend an XML automatic site map. It's the most popular and advanced solution to manage SEO & sitemaps for websites.  It's the first SEO software to implement the new Google Indexing API. Create an XML and HTML sitemap in a snap. It offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap content without needing additional plugins! Up to 400% more site visibility! Boost your indexing with the advanced SEO indexing tool and sitemap generator! Any content you will find on the site will be automatically indexed in Google. Please discuss this with our consultant.

Your monthly payments are calculated below:

Please Note: First payment also will include $499 for set up.

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