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Website design costs

Written by Urszula.

How much do you charge for a small website?:

Some people base decision to hire a website designer, solely on the estimates they received when they were web designer shopping. This is not the way to make your decision. When shopping for a designer, one needs to have an open mind and consider your goals and needs.

It does not matter if you think that you want just one page, if what really you need is to attract new customers and have top results on Google.

Let me use analogy, you might want buy a bicycle and pay for just a bicycle but what you really need is to have motor vehicle to travel every day to work 10 km in few minutes. So in fact you think you want a bicycle, but you need a reliable car.

Salesperson will sale you bicycle but it is not really what you need. You needed a reliable car or a motorcycle.

Keep open mind, after all it is your business ! Write a website brief before you start shopping for a website designer.

Consider the following:

  • Outline the aims of the website ( e.g. to increase traffic, increase services or products awareness)
  • Who is the target audience? What are the demographics (e.g. children, adults, social class, income levels, location, etc.)
  • What are the unique selling points for your company, your products or your services?
  • What industry are you aiming the website at?
  • Is the market already saturated with competitors?
  • List a few competitors’ websites.

Asking how much you charge for a website before providing information about your project, is not the right way to go. It is like asking 'how much I need to pay for a house' a real estate agent. There are plenty of variables when buying the house: suburb, size of the house, features, zone, size of land and so on. In website design there are many variables to consider too. In other words, prepare yourself to meet a designer.

There is small difference. When you buy a house, your expectation of price changes when variable change are obvious. Yet, when you visit developer to design your website, when variable change, you want them to stick to their quote. Hence before we can tell you a price, we need to establish scope of the project.

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