A website helps build your credibility in your industry and legitimises your business. 

It can not be denied that AI will be the future of web development as well as virtual reality, 360 videos, voice command and motion user interfaces.  At this moment I would like only indicated 2023 trends below:

Content Loading

Modern websites can download only the content you want, which is something that is fortunately possible with a variety of methods. There are several technical strategies that can help websites outperform their competitors or rank more highly. All of these features can make your website more user-friendly for visitors, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Website Loading Time

Page speed has been an important aspect of user experience and SEO for years, and it stays a priority for websites that aim to rank well.

Virtual Reality

 The number of VR experiences on websites will be rising in the years to come.

Micro Interactions

The primary objective of micro-interactions is to encourage the user to interact with an application or website.

Tracking User's Behaviour

This approach is considered to be the most sought-after skill among good web developers.


A good framework is necessary for a perfect website. Although I cannot name the future of the web for the following years,  Dum & Co uses various Frameworks: T4, Gantry, and Helix, just to name a few.