Let’s face it - Running your business is stressful enough. You have a never-ending list of tasks to take care of with barely enough time to get them done. It can be overwhelming if you’re just getting into SEO. 

SEO is arguably more important in today’s competitive online marketplace than it has been at any point in its history.  The key lies in your execution, and an innate ability to distinguish good SEO services from those that are merely cheap or accessible.

Many factors can determine the price of an SEO campaign. The most important thing you’ll need from your company is full transparency regarding rates and deliverables and we do offer both.

Below you will find monthly packages for small businesses and real estate agents.

Initial full site optimisation is not included.

As a guide, our full website optimisation costs range from $1,500 for simple small business websites to $10K + for large websites in competitive markets.

SEO Packages

SEO pricing factors: Competition, Business type, Ranking time, Level of ranking and foundation ( website structure and content as well as work required)
  • Start up
  • Local SEO
  • from $690 p/m
  • Suitable for local business that only needs customers locally. Usually not a competitive market. Depending on the difficulty of the keywords - they will range from 1- 15 long-tail keywords.
  • Initial Keywords Research
  • Inhouse  Analytical software  set up - with over 70 Integrations SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Review and Call Tracking
  • Set up account: including Google Analitics and google search console, set up keywords monitoring and results software
  • Optimisation based on 1-5 keywords selected
  • Opportunity keywords finding
  • We don't charge set up fees - but we require 12 months contracts
  • Google Analitics
  • Monthly reports
  • Optimised Google Local
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Technical Optimisation: URL optimisation, on page optimisation, sitempas, goal tracking, backlinks analysis and fixes, speed optimisation
  • Monthly audit - errors crawl
  • xml site map installation
  • robot.txt installation
  • Author mark up and schema
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Content audit and strategies
  • Linking strategies: only Directory linking, Internal link building and guest posts as well as Google My Business, and social media
  • Content Marketing: Based on in-depth research
    and monitoring we will offer content suggestions
  • Popular
  • Competitive Market
  • $1299
  • For all our real estate clients who use our software full website solution, we offer very competitive prices for SEO services in order to help you to get a competitive advantage in your local area. Depending on the difficulty of the keywords - it will range from 20-50 keywords. Limited time offer.

    Only $600 per month.

  • Initial Keywords Research
  • Set up Google Analitics, Google Search Console , keywords monitoring tools
  • Optimisation based on 50 keywords selected
  • Automatic Google Indexing and xml site maps
  • Integrated robots.txt editor
  • Google Analitics and Webmaster tools set up
  • Keywords Research Tool
  • We don't charge set up fees but we require 12 months contract
  • Monthly Reports
  • On page optimisation - for properties entered and images as well as content
  • Technical optimisation
  • Monthly audit - errors crawl
  • xml site map and robot.txt
  • Author mark up and schema
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Content audit and strategies
  • Linking strategies - local directories, guest posts
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Content creation 1 article/blog a month
  • Fully Managed SEO Services
  • $2499 p/m
  • Increase your traffic and ranking without lifting a finger! For only $576 per week, you will have a dedicated person working on your business! For this amount of money you cannot even hire an unqualified labourer.Here you have a very experienced Internet marketer working on your business every month and this also includes all Semrush tools subscriptions - we pay for you $190 per month and other tools. INCLUDE INITIAL 2 MONTHS PPC BUDGET OF $500

    SAVE $6000p/a

  • Initial Keywords research
  • Set up account: Google Analytics, SEO software, Google search console
  • 12 month contract required
  • Monthly keywords research and discovery
  • Optimisation based on initial 80 keywords and adding more and more during keywords discovery process, and monitor keywords that already are on front page.
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Content research and creation 1 per month
  • Google Local post from website
  • Social Media integration
  • robot.txt, and xml site maps
  • Technical SEO and Audit
  • Linking strategies and one link per month
  • Social Media integration

Social Media Packages

  • Establishing Presence
  • $325 p/m
  • For businesses that want only social presence.
  • Monthly meetings and briefing for content approval -15 min over phone, zoom or in person
  • Set up profiles correctly if required including banners, logos, configuration
  • 1-2 Posts a week
  • 2 social media channels
  • Scheduled content
  • Contact us
  • Start up
  • Budget Package
  • from $690 p/m
  • Best for Start-up businesses. Facebook and Instagram only. For the business that needs a simple social presence only.
  • Monthly meeting, briefing session and plan of action preparation.
  • Set up correctly two social profiles - Facebook and Instagram if required
  • Pixel Set up
  • Four organic posts per month - one a week.
  • One content development including graphic design.
  • Two advertisement posts per month.
  • Management of posts - 1 hour per month
  • Pixel Advertising Budget $200
  • Contact us
  • Popular
  • Leads Generation Package
  • $1250 p/m
  • For businesses looking to increase their audience and social presence.
  • Monthly meetings and briefing, preparing plan of action
  • Set up profiles correctly if required including banners, logos, configuration
  • Pixel Set up
  • Competition research and implementation of hashtags
  • Three pieces of organic content per week developing and posting - combination of new and older posts - 12 per month
  • Research and implementation of hashtags
  • $400 paid ads approx 4 per month
  • One reel per month
  • Contact us