Most SEO professionals believe that Google considers over 200 factors when deciding which websites to show for a search query.

The web hosting company you use is certainly one of these factors, and it’s often overlooked. A poor choice of a web hosting company can negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Choosing the right type of hosting is essential as this greatly impacts the uptime/downtime implications. Search engine spiders, or ‘’crawlers’’, are likely to visit your site several times throughout any given day and record inaccessibility due to downtime.

Repeated reports of this can flag the site with Google and negatively impact page rankings.

If your site is down for even just 1% of the time over a month, that equates to 7 hours. This can have serious implications for a business and website rankings.

SPEED: Hosting companies that offer free or very cheap hosting often do not offer much to improve the speed and performance of their servers. Overloaded servers and limited infrastructure can lead to slower loading of your website. When choosing a hosting provider and plan, you should consider your traffic, storage, and resource requirements.