Digital Marketing - Importance of Newsletters

Maybe you don't need the website or any other services we offer. All you need is to send to existing customers/clients newsletters on a regular basis or at least three times a year.

Think of NEWSLETTER  as your best way of communicating with your audience.  The purpose of the Newsletter is to develop a relationship between your subscriber and you. Very rarely someone will come back to your website just to check what’s new there or any special there or remember that they did business with you. 

Newsletters are used to:

  • Grow and improve engagement
  • Get traffic back to your website
  • Get more sales
  • Grow your business altogether

You need to constantly remind them when you have new stuff up or if you are having something on sale or simply send at least three basic messages a year. If you are not forgotten and are not too pushy with sales, people appreciate and if the time comes they recommend your business.

Let me illustrate the scenario:

Let's say you sold a house to one of your clients. At that point, the relationship is over.

However, if you send from time to time Christmas Wishes, Easter Wishes and birthday wishes. You show them respect and that you remember them. Very seldom do people unsubscribe from these lists. And maybe one day, if someone wants to sell a house of this client's friends you will receive the recommendation as your contact is still with them. You didn't allow them to forget you, by keeping the relationship going.

Second Scenario:

Let's say you have provided to one of your clients/customers services - let's say plumbing service. Once the job is done relationship is over. However, by maintaining relationships via email if they need a plumber or friends or neighbours ask for one....chances are they will recommend you and they won't have a problem remembering your name.

Scenario three:

Let's say you provided service as a gardener and you send from time to time a newsletter with gardening tips, plus three pillars of newsletters (Christmas, Easter and birthday) Chances are if you have a special service or product they will contact you. And chances are they also will recommend your newsletter or videos to other friends. More visit to your website will help you with organic results at the same time.  

Here are some stats!

  1. Over 3.4 billion people use email every month. Compared to 2.7 billion that use less direct channel of social media
  2. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.
  3. 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.
  4. Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel. Including search and social.
  5. Email subscribers are 3x more likely to share your content than visitors from other sources. 
  6. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.


Types of Email Marketing

Below, we've outlined the four types of popular email marketing campaigns to help your business grow.

  • Email Newsletters. One of the most common and popular email marketing campaigns is Email Newsletters. ...
  • Acquisition Emails.
  • Retention Emails.
  • Promotional Emails.