Bombarding your current and prospective clients/customers with your emails doesn’t necessarily guarantee the results you expect.

These are the five keys to a successful email marketing campaign:

  • Target.
  • Tease.
  • Teach.
  • Test.
  • Track


Building an email content marketing strategy requires a very different strategy from traditional conversion-focused. To start, the focus should be on delivering high engagement metrics – like open and click-through rates – rather than conversion metrics.


In every marketing strategy, you must create campaigns or content that resonate with your audience. You must offer personalised experiences whilst anticipating what they need and want at the moment. You wouldn't send an email to prospective first-home buyers of property in Perth that talks about information about the Sydney market or that have content about how well you are selling properties.

For past buyers, you wouldn't send property updates, but you might include information about new services in the area or tradies information or local events and so on. 

You need to tailor your campaigns according to your prospect and current customer’s wants and needs to encourage engagement and re-engagement, respectively.


 Teaser marketing campaigns are one of the most successful. Why? Because human curiosity is a powerful force.

It’s also a major driver of newsletter advertising (and probably all advertising, but that’s another post)

Also known as a pre-launch campaign, a teaser campaign offers up a series of clues that leaves email recipients eager to learn more. It’s equivalent to a “coming soon” page on a website. For example for tenants who are looking for a house to buy- that coming for sale soon in the area of their interest included in the email. Or for past buyers, can be notified of competition that coming soon and they can win.  For prospective sellers can be some commission that you going to cut depending on the area they planning to sell. Let's say every month you nominate one area where a discount x% off your commission will apply. They will be waiting for your email get that commission cut.


One of the essential elements that should be included in every email is the takeaway. Campaigns should always touch the recipient’s questions like “What’s in it for me?” or “How it is better than other services in the area?”

If your campaign fails to teach the customers about the value your service adds, your campaign has already failed.

Informative marketing content always performs well. That means content that includes tips, tricks and other information that the subscriber may not already know. Not only does this illustrate your expertise in the industry, but it also increases engagement as subscribers are interested in learning more. For example, 'Are house prices dropping in Perth? Yes. By the end of 2023, the median house price in Perth is expected to fall from $525,000 to under $500,000. Before rebounding, property prices in Western Australia's capital are predicted to drop 13% next year." Is this a good time to sell? ...and start talking to show your past knowledge and recent market.


The beauty of email marketing is that you can learn things in a day.  Once the test has concluded, you will find which variation of the campaign garnered the best results. 

We tested our highest-performing layout (two columns, 3 rows and CTA ) to date against a carousel. Carousel's engagement was 7% higher.


Constant tracking enables you to take the next necessary actions based on the collected customer data.