SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and must be given the attention it deserves no matter what your digital marketing tactics are.

Digital marketing includes

  • Online marketing,
  • Web marketing, (Web marketing is the process of using the Internet to market your business. It includes the use of social media, search engines, blogging, videos, and email)
  • Email marketing,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Advertising etc

Digital marketing is wide in scope whereas SEO is part of digital marketing. In digital marketing, a reporting and analytics engine can be concentrated within a crusade which allows the association to cover in real-time how a campaign is performing.

SEO is a type of digital marketing in which the visibility of a website is improved on Google by increasing its ranking. It is one of the most effective tactics of digital marketing.