Search Engine Optimisation in Perth - Experts

Onsite SEO involves many different SEO techniques the most important of these are described below.

Optimisation for Keywords

Each page of your website needs to be optimised to specific keywords and those keywords need to be relevant to the content that is on that webpage.  Thus the keywords need to be whenever possible included in the SEO Title, within the content of the text, and within headings if possible as well as meta description.

Please Note: Original, useful and relevant information for your visitors, needs to be provided on all of your web pages. Alternatively, you can engage us to do research and write content for your page. Please check our Content Writing Services Packages here.

Technical Requirements

There are various technical guidelines that are provided in the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  One needs to follow these guidelines to make it easier for search engines - including Google to crawl your website.  There are also guidelines regarding testing your site so that one can see how the website appears in different search engines and on different devices.  One of the important aspects of technical requirements is page speed. All images and content must be optimised to load fast - and it is relevant when it comes to mobile devices.

According to Google, three seconds is the perfect website loading speed. However, based on case studies, website visitors did wait only up to two seconds. So, it is better to aim for two seconds.


Good quality images should be included within your webpage and these images also need to be optimised for the webpage or blog on which they appear.

Internal Links

Internal linking is usually used to help pages to rank better.   When using a blog layout for your articles, news, tips, and advice it is a great idea to link some content to your services pages. 

Meta description - what is it?

A meta description is less than 300 characters that include the primary keyword at the beginning of the description. This will help search engines understand the content and it will be displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

We create usually a meta description that includes relevant keywords and we make sure that there are no duplicate meta descriptions as that can have a negative effect on ranking your website.