Special SEO offer for local businesses in Rockingham, Kwinana, Mandurah

Maybe your business has no financial resources to spend on SEO professional packages or simply you prefer to take control over your marketing. For you, we offer a cost-effective solution.

We do what we do the best and we will cover technical aspects of SEO while you can do what you do best. No advanced knowledge is required. How does it sound?

Simply speaking we will get you started with the necessary tools, necessary knowledge and support you to look after your website SEO.

We will be responsible for researching and selecting keywords, technical website optimisation, Google+ optimisation, conversion optimisation, and visitor tracking/reporting.
You will be responsible for, under our guidance, creating content and building links to your website. You don’t need any SEO skills or experience to do this. We will explain what you need to do and how.

BASIC LOCAL BUSINESS PACKAGE - This is the basic SEO package everybody needs!

Overview:  We will provide general advice and implementation such as setting up the site with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing tools. We will tell you tricks and tips regarding social media implementation. We will be checking every month to see what site amendments these services recommend and help you to implement them by giving you advice re: submission to major directories where appropriate, internal link checking, new content checking, titles and meta tags and description check and also keywords saturation.


View Stages of Local SEO work involved


    This is the basic of SEO  that every website needs!


    First, we want to start with keyword/phrase research and ensure that what we’re targeting is going to make you money. We have a suite of custom tools and software we use at this stage to ensure we are targeting the optimal keywords. We also use these tools and experience to make the most out of your visitors with regard to usability and conversion rate optimisation. Based on our research we will provide you with a Recommendation report based on the competition results and your needs.
    approx 5-7 hours


    Next, we optimise what’s already on your website. This will make your website perform better and help to get noticed more in the search engines, ready for when we undertake step 3. We can either do this ourselves or provide the changes to your web developer to action.

    • content optimisation (keywords saturation and re-writes)
    • titles, meta tags,
    • meta description,
    • submission to search engines every single page
    • images optimisation
    • tags and data connection for structured data and authoring tools
    • URL checking and canonical linking

    Time depends on the number of pages/images 
     Single page optimising normally costs $200-$500 per page for a full service (this includes content re-writing or creation and re-structure menus and linking within the  website), however for local businesses we offer $60 website optimisation per page.


    • Setting up tracking of Google analytics, structured data, and authoring tools
    • Recommendation report based on competition
    • Set up for you, Google Search Console
    • Creation of your Google account for analytics and reporting account
    • Google places creation (GMB) if you have a physical presence
    • Indexing your site
    • Submission to major search engines
    • Site map XML and submission to all search engines
    • Checking website vitals

    Total time required approx: 5-8 hours

    The cost will vary depending on the time that is needed and what needs to be done. However, we offer a special price for local businesses: $400 for this initial set-up plus $60 per page.


    Everything you need to know about SEO for your business!

    We will provide training for you to be able to work yourself on your linking strategies and content. We have great training packages - view them here.

    When training one-to-one we will cover:

    With a combination of two packages, our SEO training will help you to understand what you can do to your website to make it perform better in search engines.

    Upon completion of the training you should:

    • Understand the concept of on-page search engine optimisation
    • Understand how to undertake keyword research
    • Be aware of some of the tools available (both paid and non-paid) to research potentially suitable keywords
    • Understand the elements of “on page” which require to be optimised on any given web page (H1 tags, Page titles, keywords, meta description, web page content, alt tags)
    • Understand the difference between on-page and off-page search engine optimisation
    • Understand the importance of gaining backlinks to your website
    • Understand the difference between one-way links and reciprocal links
    • Understand different ways to build links
    • Be aware of what local SEO is
    • Understand how to work out where you are currently listed from a local SEO perspective
    • Be aware of where you could get listed online for free if you are not already
    • Understand what local search is and how it works differently from a ‘normal’ search
    • Understand why every business needs a Google My Business Account
    • Understand what citations are and how to get them
    • You will know how to get started with ‘Google My Business
    • You will understand the importance of to getting the structure right
    • You will understand the reasons why your listing may not show up
    • You will understand how to rank on local results on Google
    • You will understand the importance of getting reviews on your Google listing!
  • ON GOING SUPPORT (monthly package) $30 p/m

    After initial SEO and training you will be able to look after your website yourself. We strongly suggest signing up for our support monthly SEO packages.  You probably think you don't need this.

     SEO is very much related to site health and site being very current. A lot of technical knowledge is impossible to pass with few hours of training for example URL redirecting or restructuring the site. Hence, we offer ongoing support and check your work as well as recommendations and reporting using our in-house tools.

    With our monthly package you will receive from us one of these:

    1. Receive support/consultation by phone or email
    2. Monthly reports and recommendations (website audit)
    3. Help with url redirecting if necessary and changes to structure recommendations (time varies)
    4. 404 Error Page/ 301 Redirection support (time vary)
    5. Competition links analysis
    6. URL structure & Internal Linking check

    When you are on our support package you lock down our prices for other support if you need it. The price per hour to $45. What does it mean? It means if you need more time we won't charge you more time than $45 per hour.