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A true SEO marketers are critical thinkers that focuse on overall marketing and business solutions rather than spending too much time for just a ‘Google optimisation'.

Search Engines Optimisation

Written by Urszula.

Search Engine Optimisation in PerthSearch engine optimisation plays huge role in your internet marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, consists of making detailed modifications to a site's content, code, and technical architecture in order to enable it to rank higher in search results for a given set of keyword phrases, as well as using certain technologies to help you market yourself.

When you design with Dum & Co, we will usually do basic optimisation of your home page. We also provide initial website submission to search engines and meta tags description all of our Business Packages and E-commerce packages. However, to achieve good ranking in search engines, work will need to be done on a regular basis.

If you do not have hours to spend on keyword analysis, tracking your site searches, and submitting your site to search engines, we are able to offer our services at competitive rates.

Achieving a top position in the results of popular search engines requires a combination of tactics using the following four methods:

  • website optimisation
  • paid search - also called Pay Per Click
  • paid inclusions - could be a very expensive way of marketing your business
  • link development.

The most cost-effective ways to achieve top results are: website optimisation and link development. At Dum & Co we offer both services to our clients.

 If you prefer to look after your own SEO and most small businesses do we are special package and training: view our local SEO offer here.




Foundation keywords: 2

Long tail keywords: 5

Number of pages: 1-5

Meta description: 1-5

Page titles re-write: 1-5

Alt tags: 25

XML Sitemap/ Robots.tx

Competition analysis: 3

Detailed research for long tail keywordsL: 2

Linking: 25 in total

W3C validations extra: $30 p/page



Paragon SEO


Foundation keywords: 5

Long tail keywords: 10

Number of pages: 5-15

Meta description: 5-15

Page titles re-write: 5-15

Alt tags: 50

XML Sitemap/ Robots.tx

Competition analysis: 5

Detailed research for long tail keywords: 5

Linking: 55 in total

W3C validations extra: $25.00 p/page




Foundation keywords: 15

Long tail keywords: 30

Number of pages: 15-30

Meta description: 15-30

Page titles re-write: 15-30

Alt tags: 100

XML Sitemap/ Robots.tx

Competition analysis: 10

Detailed research for long tail keywords: 10

Linking: 110 in total

W3C validations extra: $10 p/page
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